Flows of radiant energy in the climate system

The distribution of radiant energy throughout the atmosphere and at the surface drives every wind that blows and leads to every drop of rain that falls. We work to make state-of-the-art understanding available in climate, weather, and research models of the earth system through a combination of physical modeling and machine learning.

The flow of radiation through the earth system is among the best-understood processes in atmospheric physics. Representing those flows accurately, though, presents a host of interesting computational challenges ranging from 


The distribution of sunlight as a function of angle as scattered from water and ice particles in earth's atmosphere

With a growing network of collaborators around the world we develop RTE+RRTMGP, a software toolbox for computing the flow of energy in planetary atmospheres. By encapsulating conceptually-distinct tasks the toolbox can be used to solve a wide range of problems on a wide range of computing architectures.

We organize a international consortium in the US and Germany working to streamline access to cutting-edge information about how gases interact with radiation, and to summarize ("parameterize") that information to best match the cost and accuracy for the user's problem.